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automotive 42V battery application power MOSFET

December 19, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Intersil Corporation (Palm Bay, FL) recently announced its first power MOSFET specifically designed for automotive 42V battery applications, the HUFA7510S3S. The new 75V UltraFET features 10 milliohm on-resistance and a 75V drain-source breakdown voltage. The HUFA7510S3S is a 75V, 75A MOSFET and features a low on-resistance per unit area of silicon. According to the company, the device is designed to withstand high energy in the avalanche mode and also features low gate charge, fast recovery time, and a lower reverse body diode charge (QRR) for applications that require fast switching speeds and improved efficiency. Automotive electronic control module and system manufacturers are proving 42V power supply designs on the road right now, said Peter Blumenroether, marketing manager for automotive discretes at Intersil. Even though the first production vehicles equipped with the new power supply systems will not hit the road before the year 2001, Intersil recognizes the enormous growth potential for discrete power products in the developing 42V environment. We are dedicated to this market and want to secure our position as a major supplier right from the start. The HUFA7510S3S is currently available in the TO-263 package.