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ASUS Introduces EPU Motherboards To Provide Hardware-Based Energy Saving Solution

March 30, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

ASUS announced a brand new series of EPU (Energy Processing Units) motherboards. EPUs allow the CPU power supply to be digitally monitored and fine-tuned with improved VRM efficiency in heavy or light loadings. ASUS states that its EPU motherboards provide a hardware-driven energy saving solution that is more stable than other purely software-driven solutions, offering a 80.23% CPU power savings and enhanced energy efficiency ratings of up to 96%.

The new ASUS exclusive EPU is claimed to be the world’s first intelligent hardware-based on-demand power saving microprocessor. This chip is said to be more stable than software-driven solutions (where stability can be an issue), and to provide users with superior performance while in energy-saving mode in comparison to other solutions. By utilizing what is described as an innovative power technology, the EPU is able to digitally monitor current CPU usage levels and automatically fine-tune the CPU power supply with improved VRM efficiency to suit any loading. The EPU is thus able to provide users with the ability to moderate power for higher performance if required, or save up to 80.23% CPU power under low processing periods.

ASUS EPU motherboards also come with the AI Gear3+, which is an application that aids users in adjusting CPU frequency and vCore voltages according to their needs. Being a digital solution, and working hand in hand with the ASUS EPU, the AI Gear3+ is said to help users obtain a power efficiency rating of up to 96%. Furthermore, the AI Gear3+ features a user interface that allows users to keep track in real-time exactly how much electricity and CO2 is being saved.

With only 5 seconds boot-up time, the ASUS Express Gate offers an optional selection screen that allows you to instantly surf the Internet without entering Windows. This convenient application will now allow users to enjoy Skype, IM, YouTube, and webmail access quickly without the need to wait for the operating system to load. Another feature for ASUS motherboard users is the onboard IEEE 802.11n draft technology support. This standard is said to allow users to enjoy wider and stronger network coverage, and up to 6 times faster data transmissions than current 802.11b/g standards – thus making wireless connections more reliable and quicker. Both of these innovations are found on the ASUS P5E3 Premium/WiFi @n motherboard.