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Advanced Power Technology Announces Additions to the Power MOS V Family of MOSFETs

April 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Power Technology (Bend, OR) announced that it has added to its patented Power MOS V family of high-voltage, low on-resistance, fast-switching MOSFETs. According to the company, these new devices offer the highest voltage, lowest on-resistance, and maximum power available in a TO-264 and T-MAX package. Applications of these devices include dc/dc converters, PFC pre-regulators, switch-mode power supplies, welders, UPS, motor controls and inverters.

These new devices feature 100V to 1,200V breakdown, 9 mohms to 60 mohms on-resistance, 20A to 100A drain current and 625W power dissipation. They also feature through-hole and clip-mounted packages, low internal gate resistance for fast switching and low losses, and are avalanche energy-rated.

Evaluation samples are currently available from stock in 100V to 1,200V devices with 1,000-piece pricing ranging from $18.06 to $26.83.