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Advanced Energy’s Power Supply Balances Power and Safety

December 09, 2023 by Jake Hertz

Advanced Energy’s new power supply combines high power density with adherence to several notable safety standards. This article investigates the technology and the medical safety rating.

When selecting a power supply, balancing high performance with safety standards is crucial, especially for applications in medical and industrial environments. This balance involves achieving a combination of many factors, including high power output and efficiency while ensuring compliance with safety regulations like the medical BF (body floating) rating. 


The NP08 power supply. 

The NP08 power supply. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


Recently, Advanced Energy released an AC/DC power supply they claim offers the industry’s best power density and meets some stringent safety standards. 


The NP08 AC/DC Power Supply

The NeoPower NP08 is a highly advanced AC/DC power supply unit designed for various industrial and medical applications.

At the core of the NP08's capabilities is its impressive power handling. It can deliver up to 4,000 watts of power in a compact size, achieving a power density of 18 W/in3. This power is delivered across a wide input voltage range of 90 to 264 VAC, accommodating a broad spectrum of electrical environments. Its ability to function efficiently across such a wide voltage range is facilitated by its advanced circuit design, which includes active power factor correction and a power factor of 0.99 at full load, ensuring minimal energy waste. This is further highlighted by the unit's efficiency rating of around 90%. This efficiency minimizes heat generation, a crucial factor in maintaining the longevity and reliability of the power supply and the equipment it powers.

The modular design of the NP08 is another key feature, allowing for up to eight single output modules. This flexibility means the power supply can be tailored to specific voltage and current application requirements. Each module can deliver different voltages and currents, ranging from 5 V at 56 A to 48 V at 10.4 A. Advanced Energy claims the NP08 can support thousands of output combinations.

Safety and reliability are paramount in high-power devices, and the NP08 addresses this with multiple protection features. These include short circuits, overvoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature protection. Such comprehensive protection ensures the power supply operates safely, even under challenging conditions.


Medical Body Floating

Another notable aspect of the NP08 is that it meets several safety standards, including the medical BF (body floating) safety rating.


Medical laser.

Medical laser. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


This safety rating, grounded in the IEC 60601-1 standard, is crucial to medical device safety, particularly in electrical isolation. It introduces the concept of Means of Protection (MOP), which is divided into MOOP (Means of Operator Protection) and MOPP (Means of Patient Protection). MOOP applies to equipment that does not come into contact with the patient, such as certain lab equipment. In contrast, MOPP is relevant for devices with direct patient contact, recognizing the increased risk to patients who may be weakened from electrical shocks or leakage currents​.


Classification of medical devices according to risk3.

Classification of medical devices according to risk3. Image used courtesy of Bodo’s Power Systems


The BF rating specifically relates to the type of isolation required for devices like ultrasound probes, incubators, medical lasers, or patient monitoring equipment. To meet the Type BF classification, these devices usually require 1 x MOPP isolation between the power supply output and earth. This isolation is critical to ensure patient safety, as it reduces the risk of electrical hazards. Without this isolation, having a safety-certified, 1 x MOPP isolated “Applied Part” between the output and the patient might be necessary, adding complexity and potential risk​.


Meeting Safety Standards With NP08

The introduction of the NP08 power supply marks a noteworthy development in power supply technology, offering a balance of high power density and adherence to safety standards. Its ability to efficiently deliver considerable power in a compact design and comply with the medical BF safety rating makes it a practical choice for various industrial and medical applications.