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A Look at the Summer’s Latest Power Supplies

July 26, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

A high-voltage supply from Dean Technology, an industrial/medical supply from Advanced Energy, and an external medical supply from XP Power highlight the field.

Pumping life into an otherwise slow summer start for the space, Dean Technology, Advanced Energy, and XP Power have each introduced fresh power supplies to the market since mid-June. 

Dean’s latest solution supplies the high voltages needed to charge capacitors. Advanced Energy’s device marks its first production with SL Power, the Calabasas, California-based AC/DC conversion specialist it acquired in April. And XP Power’s external medical unit sources up to 300 W of power, despite its exceptionally small size.  

Though released more than a month ago, we’ll first tackle the high-voltage entry from Dean, as its high-power target applications are the most relevant to our space and audience. 


Dean Technology

Released June 14, Dean’s UMR-BPC Series of bipolar (+/-), high-voltage power supplies are designed for applications requiring dual output capacitor charging.


The UMR-BPC Series. Image used courtesy of Dean Technology


The series comprises 14 devices in total, equally divided into modules supplying either 120 or 250 W. The seven devices in each power class offer voltage output ranges of between 0 and ±125, ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000, ±4000, and ±6000 V. Complete listings can be found on the series product page. 

All models come equipped with voltage and current monitoring. The devices offer low overshoot and fast rise time while maintaining high efficiency, and can be upgraded to include buffered monitors and current regulation. 

An extension of Dean’s existing UMR Collection, the fresh UMR-BPC modules take up 38.7 cubic inches, making them form-fit-function replacements for industry-standard units. 

“UMR-BPC series modules are a packaging and integration convenience as they enclose two units of opposite polarity in a single case,” said Scott Wilson, Sales and Product Development Manager for Dean Technology, in the company's announcement release. 

The feature will help engineers to better manage their inventories, cables, and installation times, Wilson said. 


Advanced Energy

We covered Advanced Energy’s acquisition of SL power, and included a brief mention of its then-upcoming SLB300. The 300-watt medical/industrial power supply was formally announced on July 21, and is an addition to the company’s extant SLB series of low-power, open frame solutions. 


The SLB300. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


All models of the SLB300 operate with input voltages ranging from 80 to 264 VAC. There are seven members here available with single-voltage outputs ranging from 12 to 56 VDC, as specified on the SLB300’s product page. To attain their full 300-watt output, 100 liters for minute (LFM) of forced hot air cooling is required; maximum output with convection cooling alone drops to 200 W. 

The SLB300, across all its models, is offered in a 3 x 5 x 1.4" package that fits 1U rack mount applications. The device targets medical and laboratory applications, as well as a wide range of industrial end uses.

Important Certifications

The SLB300 satisfies EN/CSA/IEC/UL62368-1 and EN/CSA/IEC/UL60601-1-1 3rd Edition, as well as IECIEC60601-1 Type BF. As described in its data sheet, this supply offers 2 x MOOP (means of operator protection) isolation, and operates over a temperature range of -20 to +70 ℃.


XP Power

XP power says its new AQM external medical power supplies, released June 15, sport just half the footprint of similar competing devices. The units, which offer power densities of up to 11 W per cubic inch, are divided into three separate series—the 200-watt AQM200, the 250-watt AQM250, and the 300-watt AQM300.


XP Power's AQM200 series external medical power supply. Image used courtesy of XP Power


Each series operates from the universal AC input range of 85 to 264 VAC. The series' power supplies offer a single voltage output, with the AQM250 offering outputs of either 12, 19, 24, or 48 V, while the AQM200 and AQM300 also offer a 15 V configuration.

Class I and Class II versions

At each voltage output level, all three series are offered in both Class I and Class II versions. As described in a blog post from SL Power, Class I devices rely on a ground connection for protection against electrical shock, while Class II devices do not. 

Other Specifications

Based on gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, the devices achieve efficiencies of up to 94% and require less than 150 mW in standby, meeting Energy Efficiency Level VI, XP said. Series members operate at full power at 40 ℃, derating linearly to zero at 60 ℃.

XP's AQM power supplies are certified EN/IEC60601-1, EN61000, and EN55032. The units also comply with 4th Edition Medical EMC requirements and offer 2 x MOPP.


Feature image [modified] used courtesy of Dean Technology, SL Power, and XP Power