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24V Motor Driver Module Drives up to 6 Two-Phase Stepper Motors

April 22, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Trinamic Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announced the TMCM-6214, a highly integrated module that can drive up to six two-phase stepper motors. It draws up to 1.9A RMS each at supply voltages of up to +24V.

Due to its three integrated encoder inputs for incremental A/B/N encoders, it can support high-precision position feedback for three of its six motors, making it suitable for multi-axis applications in life sciences, laboratories, factory automation, robotics, test and measurement, and applications for handling precious goods and liquids.

"By monitoring the motor and relaying feedback back to the operator, our customers can closely track performance of their applications. Making it easy for our customers to use these features allows them to implement a wide variety of applications. The controller's position feedback capabilities, for example, can be used to implement predictive maintenance functions, which can dramatically reduce equipment downtime while increasing its overall lifespan," states Michael Rand, Founder and CEO of Trinamic.

According to Trinamic, the TMCM-6214's advanced features add an extra layer of reliability to applications, while ensuring the best performance possible throughout its extended life span.

Simplified block diagram

The controller also incorporates Trinamic's DcStep™ function that enables the stepper motor to mimic the characteristics of a dc motor by providing higher torque at lower speeds. Likewise, Trinamic's unique SixPoint™ ramping profiles allow the creation of complex acceleration/deceleration profiles that can be precisely tailored to meet application's requirements.

The TMCM-6214 is available in two versions, to increase ease of integration. The first version supports Trinamic's TMCL™ motion control command language1. Full remote control of the device with feedback is possible and the module's TMCL™ firmware that can be updated via any of the serial interfaces.

As an alternative to the TMCL version, the TMCM-6214 also comes with firmware that supports the industry standard CANopen communication protocol2. TMCL, also referred to as the Trinamic Motion Control Language is the company's programming language dedicated to motion control applications.

The module supports CAN, RS485, RS232 and USB interfaces for communications.

Both versions of the controller module feature six general purpose digital inputs and two analog inputs. The modules also have eight protected general purpose outputs that can be used for diagnostics.

Along with two hardware torque off inputs, an integrated power supply switch is available. The controllers' integrated processor assists in minimizing communication traffic through the performing of all time-critical operations on-board, including ramp calculation without the assistance of an external host.

Both versions of the TMCM-6214 will be available through Trinamic's normal distribution channels at the end of May.

Features and Benefits

• 6-axis controller/driver for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors

• Linear and SixPoint ramps

• +9V to 30Vdc supply voltage

• Up to 1.9A RMS motor current

• RS485, CAN, RS232 & USB interfaces

• 3x A/B/N encoder inputs

• Multi-purpose inputs and outputs (protected)

• Hardware torque off with integrated power switch for the driver supply

• On-board voltage regulators (+5V and +3.3V) for supply of all on-board digital circuits.