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WEBINAR: Navigating the Complexities of AC/DC Designs and Specifications

May 13, 2018 by {company_name}


Now available On-Demand. Today's engineers are always looking for ways to ease the design phase and reduce uncertainty and surprises in their designs. Two things that are often overlooked in a design are connectors and power supply. This presentation will not focus very much on connectors. A modular AC/DC power supply can be a lifesaver when deadlines are approaching and there is no time to develop a solution from scratch. Engineers are faced with increasingly complex requirements for the power stage in their systems, and finding the right solution for their design often when the rest of the system is finished and waiting can be a daunting task. This webinar will examine several aspects that engineers should take into consideration when deciding which power supply is right for their design.

Topics to be covered include:

  • External components - how to read the fine print to determine if the solution is really 'finished'
  • Certification - Safety and EMC compliance topics are becoming exponentially complex. A look at the most common certifications for modular power supplies today with a focus on industrial, medical, and household applications.
  • Standby AND light load power consumption - with many applications entering standby power for most of their lifetime, standby and light load conditions are becoming increasingly important.
  • Packaging - SMD, THT, or wired?
  • Input voltage range - is 264VAC really enough?
  • Ambient conditions - thermal derating, airflow, IP ratings all explained here.

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