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Design Considerations to Optimize and Expedite Custom Magnetic Prototypes

October 21, 2018 by {company_name}


The application-specific features in today's high frequency power converters and EMI filters have resulted in a growing demand for customized high-power magnetics designs. These types of complex customized designs require an experienced engineering team that can supply both the software (magnetic component design and Finite Element Analysis, or FEA) and hardware (prototyping tools) from a single power electronics laboratory. The cumulative result of being able to supply this combination of engineering expertise in a single location also leads to time-to-market and configuration benefits in expediting a customer's converter prototype design.

This application note presents the additional power advantages that can be achieved in using Finite Element Analysis to identify the optimum winding order prior to building physical prototypes. And, because actual prototype measurements to simulations can vary, the application note also demonstrates why creating prototypes in the same location as the simulation software has become an essential custom design requirement.

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