VRB Appoints Timothy Hennessy CEO/Director

September 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

VRB Power Systems Inc. (Vancouver, BC) announced the appointment of Timothy Hennessy as Chief Executive Officer and Director. Hennessy has been advising VRB Power since March 2003. He has 20 years international utility and energy sector related experience. Most recently, he was Vice President, Engineering and Operations and Managing Director of LECTRIX LLC, a Bechtel, Siemens and AEP joint venture.

"There are a few times when new technologies appear, which have the potential to cause paradigm shifts. I believe that the VRB energy storage system is one of these technologies," stated Hennessy. "Storing multiple megawatt hours of energy highly efficiently and in a distributed fashion provides the ideal way to enhance grid reliability, and generate improved return on assets for all utilities. I am excited about the opportunity to aggressively pursue this enormous potential for the Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System."