VPT Offers New DC/DC Converter Product Catalog

March 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

VPT Inc. (Blacksburg, VA) announced that it is offering a new catalog that provides in-depth technical detail on VPT’s significantly expanded product line. The catalog features dc/dc power converters, EMI filters and accessory products. Data and case drawings illustrate the technical performance and specifications of VPT’s hybrid modules in hermetic packaging as well as VPT’s new line of ruggedized COTS modules in potted packaging.

Containing twice the number of products as the previous version, the new catalog outlines power solutions from 6W to 200W for high-reliability applications. In addition to product data, the catalog also details environmental screening options, cross-references EMI filters and thermal pad products with converters, and provides comprehensive information on VPT’s satellite

power supply and systems assembly services.

The catalog is available free of charge to qualified customers.