Viridity Software to Incorporate Intel Data Center Manager Into EnergyCenter

August 30, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Viridity Software announced that Intel® Data Center Manager SDK will be incorporated into Viridity’s EnergyCenter™ software. This integration will help provide IT and facilities managers with the ability to obtain detailed information directly from specific server assets, such as temperature. In addition, the Intel-enhanced EnergyCenter software will help enable users to add and monitor new servers immediately as they come online, even before the baseline server profile is completed.

"The relationship with Intel and the addition of its technology into our EnergyCenter software is a critical next step as it provides the ability to communicate directly with the hardware and to expand the capabilities we can offer, as servers continue to become more sophisticated," said Michael Tresh, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Viridity Software. "Simply put, Viridity can now provide customers with the ability to monitor and manage data center assets at a much more granular level, as well as offer a head-start on supporting and managing future technology."

"While IT and facilities management are both tasked with data center infrastructure management and optimization, as well as lowering overall costs, both tend to come at it from different angles with very little, if any, intercommunication. The Intel-enhanced EnergyCenter software offering will help bridge the gap between these two highly business-critical constituencies to better meet their common goals," said Jeffrey Klaus, Director, Data Center Solutions, Intel. "Intel is delighted to collaborate with a leading-edge solutions provider such as Viridity Software and to continue to extend our value more deeply into the data center infrastructure management layer."

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