The Global Semiconductor Alliance Grants Vicor with Award

January 26, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

From a list of three nominees, the Global Semiconductor Alliance announced Vicor as the 2020 GSA Award for Analyst Favorite Semiconductor Company.

Vicor Corporation is a leading global provider of power module technologies. The company provides modular power components and power systems that allow customers to regulate, control, and convert electric current. Vicor’s product portfolio includes AC-DC converters and input modules, DC-DC isolated regulated converters, isolated fixed ratio converters, non-isolated regulated converters, and more. 

Image courtesy of Vicor.
Image courtesy of Vicor.


Recently, the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) awarded Vicor the 2020 GSA Award for Analyst Favorite Semiconductor Company.

Other companies listed in this category included Inphi Corporation, AMD, NVIDIA, and SiTime Corporation.


GSA 2020 Awards

The GSA is a community of thought leaders that work within the semiconductor industry. With collaboration at the heart of the association’s activities, the GSA aims to develop and establish a ‘profitable and sustainable semiconductor ecosystem.’ 

GSA provides its members with a platform for idea exchange and provides access to valuable resources. This enables collaboration between industry leaders, fellow peers, partners, and customers which in turn fosters innovation and potential growth in the industry. The GSA’s network of members now represents 70% of the $450+ billion semiconductor industry. The GSA awards are a way of encouraging innovation by recognizing the achievements of top-performing semiconductor companies. Companies are awarded by category, such as outstanding leadership, favorite, best financially managed, and more. 

In a press release, Managing Director of Needham & Company, Quinn Bolton announced Vicor as one of the three GSA award nominees, bringing particular attention to its power integrated circuit (IC) technology: “The early leader in 48V power management solutions based on its patented factorized power architecture. This company is enabling greater power efficiency across multiple markets. Of particular merit, the company’s 48V single-stage power conversion integrated circuits (ICs) are the only solutions that can efficiently deliver the 1000 Amps of current required by next-generation GPUs and AI accelerators.”

Bolton then concluded the awards, announcing Vicor as the winner: “It’s rare for a company to make what is old, new again. Voltage regulator circuits have been around for decades. However, through brilliant engineering, our winner has re-architected voltage conversion. The company’s advances are allowing the deployment of higher-performance CPUs, GPUs, and AI accelerators, and data center, and high-performance computing applications.” Bolton went on to say that Vicor is also enabling the transition toward machine learning and data economy. 


Vicor Products and Solutions

In June of last year, Vicor partnered with London startup CCell Renewables to provide a power delivery system to help CCell’s products rebuild coral reefs. CCell used Vicor’s Factorized Power Architecture to create a precise current operating through the seawater. The modular system involves pairing Vicor’s PRM Regulator with a VTM Current Multiplier. This enables the regulation of voltage and delivery of current to electrodes. 

From environmental habitat construction to more efficient flight, Vicor has been utilizing more of its converter technology for reliable power delivery. In 2020, Vicor also released a solution to leading electric aircraft manufacturer Ampaire. This involved the integration of Vicor’s fixed-ratio bus converters (BCM) and low-voltage DC-DC converters into an avionic power system with Ampaire’s Cessna prototype. These are just some of the products and solutions that Vicor is using to help provide more efficient power delivery for products and systems from a variety of industries worldwide.