Valence Receives Follow-on Order from Alternativ Canada

November 30, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Valence Technology Inc. (Austin, TX) received a second order from Alternativ Canada, a developer of alternative energy technologies, for field trials of its U-Charge™ power systems. Alternativ Canada has purchased the U-Charge systems to power a fleet of electric Hyundai Accents. Alternativ Canada selected the U-Charge systems over lead-acid batteries, which the company used in the past.

With Valence's U-Charge systems, the cars will increase their range from approximately 30 km to 100 km before needing to recharge. The U-Charge power system is a family of lithium-ion energy storage systems that powers a variety of motive applications, including hybrid and electric vehicles, scooters, and wheelchairs. Built on a phosphate-cathode core, the U-Charge system combines the power and performance of lithium-ion with Saphion technology's safety characteristics to challenge lead-acid batteries.

"With the growing global energy crisis and rising environmental concerns, Valence has the ideal green solution for fleets of alternatively powered vehicles," said Valence CEO Stephan Godevais. "Our U-Charge product provides triple the driving distance, higher performance, reduced weight and space savings, all in a 'green package', allowing Alternativ Canada to make what was once only a vision into a reality."