UQM Technologies Awarded Generator Contract

September 02, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

UQM Technologies Inc. (Frederick, CO), a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced that it has been awarded a contract from Marathon Engine Systems to develop a generator for its Marathon 5K natural-gas-fueled or propane-fueled engine. A custom-designed, power-dense, efficient, brushless, permanent magnet UQM® generator will be optimally matched to meet the Marathon 5K engine's performance.

William Rankin, president and chief executive officer of UQM Technologies, said, "The recent and extensive power outage that rocked the Northeast was a stark reminder of our critical dependence on grid-sourced electric power and has brought a resurgence of interest in sources of reliable distributed electric power. While fuel cells may provide some potential 'off in the future' solution, the Marathon 5K engine generator is a here-and-now product. Designed for 40,000 hours of life, it is quiet, efficient and uses the existing natural gas and propane fuel infrastructure. We are very pleased that Marathon Engine Systems has selected us for this development and are excited about the potential that their product has in the distributed power market and the opportunity to field UQM® hardware in another commercial product market."