Ultralife Batteries Receives $577,000 Military Order

February 04, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Ultralife Batteries Inc. (Newark, NY) announced the receipt of a $577,000 order for its model U3356 (D-size) HiRate® lithium cells from one of its US distributors. The cells have been delivered and will be assembled into military batteries to be supplied to the US Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM). The U3356 is a D-size, lithium-manganese dioxide, primary (non-rechargeable) cell that is claimed to provide 50 percent more energy than competitors' lithium-sulfur dioxide cells. The cell is used in a wide range of military batteries, including Ultralife's new UBI5390 battery for the AN/PRC-119 single-channel ground and airborne radio system, and over 60 other military applications.

Ultralife President and Chief Executive Officer John Kavazanjian said, "Our lithium D cell is the building block for many military and commercial batteries, and we are delighted that, in addition to our direct sales to the Army, we are also able to support our distributors by supplying this key component."