TDK Acquires Faraday Semi to Bolster Power Solutions with, Si, GaN & 3D Packaging

May 09, 2018 by Paul Shepard

TDK Corporation announced today the acquisition of Faraday Semi LLC, a U.S.-based venture-backed company engaged in the design of advanced power semiconductor ICs. Faraday Semi is now a wholly owned subsidiary of TDK.

Faraday Semi, based in California, USA, is a fast-growing semiconductor company with innovations in systems solutions focused on power management through dc-dc power conversion. Faraday Semi has been working with TDK as a key partner for several years, so this acquisition is considered a natural evolution of the existing relationship.

Faraday Semi solutions incorporate high performance semiconductor in advanced packaging technologies such as semiconductor embedded in substrate (SESUB) and advanced electronic components to achieve unique system integration in a smaller size and lower profile by 3D assembly.

This integration allows TDK to deliver higher efficiency and ease of use at a lower total system cost compared with what is currently available today. Faraday's founder, Parviz Parto, was recently granted U.S. patent 9729059 titled, "Chip embedded DC-DC converter"

The patent abstract reads: "A direct current to direct current (DC-DC) converter can include a chip embedded integrated circuit (IC), one or more switches, and an inductor. The IC can be embedded in a PCB. The IC can include driver, switches, and PWM controller. The IC and/or switches can include eGaN. The inductor can be stacked above the IC and/or switches, reducing an overall footprint. One or more capacitors can also be stacked above the IC and/or switches. Vias can couple the inductor and/or capacitors to the IC (e.g., to the switches). The DC-DC converter can offer better transient performance, have lower ripples, or use fewer capacitors. Parasitic effects that prevent efficient, higher switching speeds are reduced. The inductor size and overall footprint can be reduced. Multiple inductor arrangements can improve performance. Various feedback systems can be used, such as a ripple generator in a constant on or off time modulation circuit."

"Even though our patent highlights the fact that we can use enhanced-mode GaN or depletion-mode GaN, our current technology is primarily based on silicon," stated Parto.

"I would say that Faraday Semi's technology is about a combined technology which includes power ICs, enhanced packages (proprietary design) and custom-made magnetics. We offer a system solution rather than a component level solution unlike many mainstream solutions today," Parto concluded.

This results in the world's smallest class of high power density Point of Load solutions (product brand: μPOL™). The continued popularization of "big data" usage is driving the rapidly increasing global demand for high density and highly efficient data center and reliable data storage, and these miniature devices provide high-performance solutions that meet the challenging requirements of modern digital ICs such as ASICs, FPGAs and CPUs.

Their emphasis on high efficiency and thermal management makes these devices suitable for distributed power management systems including ICT and other applications. This will enable TDK to deliver high-efficiency, high-performance, super-compact solutions catering to the evolving trend of miniaturized power solutions and their accompanying semiconductors.

TDK is acquiring Faraday Semi in anticipation that these technologies will help to improve systems efficiency and reduce system costs for customers around the world, in ICT as well as in the industrial devices and automotive markets.

Summary of key points of this acquisition include:

  • TDK acquires Faraday Semi LLC, a developer of the world's smallest class of Point of Load (μPOL™) solutions
  • TDK to further strengthen its power solutions business to become a leader in the power management market through expanded high-performance semiconductor technology, advanced packaging technology, and electronic components technologies
  • Acquisition enables TDK to deliver high-efficiency, high-performance, super-compact solutions catering to the new trend of miniaturization of power solutions for demanding applications in information and communication technology (ICT), and in industrial devices and automotive markets