Soldius Solar Charger Golf Bags Unveiled at PGA Merchandise Show

January 29, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Golfers don't have to worry about phoning in their scores anymore. Soldius B.V. and mySoldius announced the availability of the Soldius golf bags, what the companies claim are the world'*s first bags with a built-in solar charger for cell phones and Blackberries.

Unveiled at this weekend's 53rd annual PGA Merchandising Show and Convention, the bags let golfers fully charge their cell phones and Blackberries while playing a round of golf.

Available for purchase soon on the company Web site and other retail outlets, Soldius bags come in four models, ranging in size and price. The bags include charging tips compatible with more than 250 mobile phones and Blackberries, including most Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola phones, including the new ROKR. Tips for iPods are sold separately.

"Soldius golf bags are another example of ingenuity by a team of developers building an impressive line of solar products for 'on the go' people," said Don Doney, president of mySoldius. "Cell phones and Blackberries keep people connected with the world around them and the time spent playing a typical round of golf will enable an individual to fully charge a mobile device."

The bags were developed by Soldius B.V., a developer of solar-powered products. Golfers simply plug their cell phones or Blackberries into the charging cords, place the phones into an inner pocket of the golf bags and start their rounds of golf. Optimal charge time is dependent on having available sunlight.