SMP and EVI Sign Strategic Alliance

May 12, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Superior MicroPowders LLC (SMP, Albuquerque, NM), an advanced fuel cell materials supplier, and Energy Visions Inc. (EVI, Toronto, Canada), a developer of fuel cells and rechargeable batteries, announced that they have signed a strategic alliance agreement for the non-exclusive supply of fuel cell electrocatalysts and services by SMP to EVI. While the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, supply of electrocatalyst, technical support and next-generation electrocatalyst development were all addressed under the agreement.

James Caruso, SMP's new business development manager, commented, "We are delighted with our developing relationship with Energy Visions. EVI, another strategic partner and customer for SMP's advanced fuel cell materials, has a unique direct-methanol fuel cell technology that has clear advantages within the fuel cell industry. With the aid of SMP's Dynalyst™ electrocatalysts, SMP believes it can aid EVI in the successful commercialization of its flowing electrolyte direct methanol fuel cells. Furthermore, SMP's electrocatalyst production platform has significant process flexibility, offering customers like EVI unprecedented developmental capabilities to keep pace with ever-changing operating and performance specifications."