SK Global Merges with Anycell to Produce the SK Lithium Battery

November 09, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

SK Global Co. (Seoul, Korea) is advancing into the lithium battery business. Demand for rechargeable lithium batteries is on the rise, as they are widely used in semiconductor, LCD and battery products. SK Global formed a strategic alliance with Anycell Inc. (Kwangju, Korea), a lithium battery maker, and released the SK Lithium Battery, with intended use in the information and communications markets. SK Global also said that it plans to release lithium batteries for military use.

The new SK Lithium Battery is designed to resist temperatures less than 30 degrees below zero. Meanwhile, the projected item for military use will keep its safety until complete discharge, and is appropriate for military telecommunications devices.

With monthly production estimated at 120,000 units, the two Korean companies intend to increase their presence in the domestic battery market, which is 90 percent controlled by Japanese companies, including Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Sanyo Electric. SK Global claims that their new battery is superior to the other foreign products on the market.