Silicon Power Corp Acquires former Microsemi Fab and Establishes new Subsidiary

May 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Silicon Power Corporation has completed the acquisition of the foundry assets of the former Microsemi wafer fab located in Bend, Oregon. This site had been developing leading edge RF and power devices in silicon and silicon-carbide for over 30 years.

Silicon Power also announced the formation of its new subsidiary company, SiCamore Semi, LLC, in Bend, Oregon. SiCamore Semi aims to enable the rapid development, prototyping and volume manufacturing of high-power devices in silicon, silicon-carbide and new materials, and enable customers' competitive advantage through technical expertise and operational flexibility.

Silicon Power’s president Dr. Harshad Mehta said “In our quest to continue forging ahead in the high-power electronics frontier, we are proud and honored to announce a new venture! With SiCamore Semi, we hope to deliver highly reliable Manufacturable, Useable, Sellable, Technology (MUST)-driven solutions to our valued customers. We believe our years of unmatched core expertise in high-power device physics, processing packaging, and end use applications puts us at the forefront of the high-power electronics universe”

The company’s core business segments include:

  • Silicon Power Corporation’s SolidTRON® Division, designs, develops, manufactures and test two distinct SolidTRON® devices; Voltage Controlled (VCS) and Current Controlled (CCS)
  • The design, manufacturing and testing of a comprehensive offering of high-power, solid-state, modular distribution switchgear fully compliant to all voltage classes; urban, suburban, industrial, and utility/grid scale applications
  • Large-Area Power Semiconductor group which designs, manufacturers and test application-specific power semiconductor.

Silicon Power Corporation is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and has recently celebrated its 25 years in business as a leading developer and solutions provider dedicated to the design, development, test, and manufacture of high-voltage semiconductor switches, high-voltage pulsed-power switches, and high-power utility-applicable systems.