Siemens Purchases French Power Startup Wattsense

October 20, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens completes its acquisition of Wattsense and expands its portfolio of building automation offerings.

One of the businesses of a technological powerhouse, Siemens AG, has completed a deal to acquire the French tech company, Wattsense. Siemens Smart Infrastructure completed the acquisition in order to expand its building automation offering for small and mid-size buildings. Wattsense develops the IT infrastructure that is needed for the rapid deployment of building and management apps. The hardware and software company offers a plug-and-play IoT (internet of things) management solution that removes the technical difficulties associated with building management system (BMS) integration. Under the deal, Wattsense is to remain a separate, standalone unit within Siemens.

Image used courtesy of Siemens


Building Management Through IoT

Building automation and IoT have been around for a while now, but the application of these technologies in the energy efficiency space is still evolving. An IoT management system automatically detects and diagnoses building issues by leveraging data from sensors. It provides dynamic data, which can be used to visualize building performance. This information can be used to make adjustments in real time for more efficient buildings that are more sustainable.

A BMS can help to build operators (of offices, warehouses, schools, or retail) to monitor equipment including ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, energy, and other connected devices. With effective use, energy bills can be reduced by 30%. Wattsense aims to provide customers with a low-cost building management solution that can help reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and optimize comfort for building occupants.


Cloud Connectivity for the Building Sector

Through Wattsense’s IoT management solution, customers can connect a multitude of IoT-enabled devices and multi-protocol devices can be onboarded and connected to the cloud.

In a recent news release, the CEO of Building Products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Henning Sandfort, commented, “Together with Wattsense we will accelerate the adoption of IoT systems in a wider range of buildings, bringing the sustainability, comfort, and cost benefits to more people and businesses.” Sandfort added, “The SaaS business model and innovative technology stack of Wattsense perfectly complement our growing digital portfolio for our customers. We are excited to welcome the talented Wattsense team on board.”


Image used courtesy of Wattsense


In the same news release, the Founder and CEO of Wattsense, Louis Vermorel, said, “Wattsense's commitment to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the building sector aligns perfectly with Siemens's vision to create technologies that take society further.” Vermorel added, “We are thrilled to join a company with such a rich legacy and innovative culture to scale the reach and impact of our IoT solution.”

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is a European Union Directive aimed at reducing the energy consumption of buildings. It will require new building projects to comply with the directive from 2020, and for renovation work on existing buildings to comply with the directive from 2023. The EPBD seeks to regulate and control the energy performance of all new and refurbished buildings in Europe. For Europe, the acquisition of Wattsense supports compliance with the EPBD which strives for a zero-carbon emission future for buildings while improving the productivity and operations of building operators.