Siemens Announces Unified Product Naming Nomenclature

December 14, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

The Power Generation Group of Siemens AG (Munich, Germany) announced that it is adopting a standardized, English-language-based naming strategy, in an effort to create a uniform brand for its comprehensive portfolio of products and service solutions. The new naming strategy will provide consistency among Siemens Power Generation’s acquired products that currently range from Westinghouse gas turbines to Demag Delaval compressors to Alstom small-sized and mid-sized gas turbines.

Under the new naming system, all product and power plant names begin with the letter "S" to designate the Siemens brand, followed by a prefix representing the product type or type of plant. For example, "SGT" represents the prefix for all Siemens gas turbines, while "SSC" signifies Siemens simple cycle plants. Siemens will also use common terminology across all power generation services lines to describe primary categories of service, which include corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, performance enhancement programs, service agreements, and training and consulting.