Several Major Product Launches Highlight Tuesday at Electronica

November 09, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

The Electronica 2010 global electronics fair in Munich served as the international stage for new product launches from ON Semiconductor, Power Integrations, AVX Corp., Emerson Network Power, and VPT Inc. on Tuesday.

ON Semiconductor announced two important new products specifically targeted at the industrial market sector. The new AMIS-30523 integrates a stepper motor driver and CAN transceiver in a single package, two-die device. The unique configuration can be used to control multiple motors of the same type on a single bus, and delivers important space savings in designs where PCB real estate is limited or where a single PCB mounted on the back of the motor is employed. Typical applications include general purpose stepper motors in automotive, industrial, medical and marine environments.

The new NCP1090, NCP1091 and NCP1092 are high power, Power over Ethernet Powered Devices (PoE–PD) interface controller that provide cost-effective and reliable integrated detection, classification and ’hot-swap’ control in applications such as wireless access point (AP), voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), and video over IP. The rugged new devices integrate an IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE-PD interface controller and offer best-in-class power delivery of up to 40W plus high durability due to a 3KV cable discharge immunity.

Power Integrations also issued two major product announcements. The company introduced its HiperTFS, a highly integrated power supply IC family for high-power applications. Uniquely, HiperTFS device family members incorporate both a two-switch-forward converter and a flyback standby power converter into a single, low-profile eSIP™ power package. As well as the two controllers, HiperTFS devices include high- and low-side drivers and all of the high-voltage power MOSFETs for the main and standby power converters. Therefore, HiperTFS is a product well suited for consumer, computer, and industrial power supply designs requiring main power from 120 to 415W and a standby converter capable of up to 20 W. The new devices particularly target applications requiring high efficiency and compact form factor, such as desktop PCs, TVs, and video game consoles.

The company also launched its HiperPFS, a family of power factor correction (PFC) controllers with integrated high-voltage power MOSFETs. HiperPFS devices leverage an innovative control scheme that optimizes efficiency at light load levels. Additionally, compared with designs that use discrete MOSFETs and controllers, HiperPFS devices dramatically reduce component count and board footprint while simplifying system design and enhancing reliability. HiperPFS devices come in an extremely compact, low-profile eSIP™ package and are suitable for PFC applications from 75 to 1kW.

AVX Corp. has developed a power film capacitor series specifically for DC filtering applications. Designated the FFLI Series, the advanced power film capacitor has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, and unlike aluminum electrolytic devices, the FFLI Series devices employ controlled self healing where end-of-life is simply defined as the time taken for the capacitance to lose about 5% of its nominal value.

The FFLI Series power film capacitors feature CV (Capacitance / Voltage) ratings of up to 3000µF and 1900Vdc/100Arms, and can operate in temperatures of up to 95°C. Qualified to IEC 61071 for power electronic capacitors, the FFLI Series also meets IEC 60068-1 environmental testing requirements and IEC 61373 shock and vibration tests.

Emerson Network Power announced a new family of standard power supplies for LED lighting, the LDS70 series. The new 70W family, the LDS70 LED lighting power supplies provide both constant-current and constant-voltage modes, enabling customers to simplify inventory management. Constant-current mode features programmable current levels; constant-voltage mode has no-load to full-load operation. Current levels can be preset by the system designer or adjusted in application to perform dimming functions. The narrow, low-profile form factor of the LDS70 series allows customers to reduce light fixture size or locate them in small areas of their system. Both 12 V and 58 V models have no minimum load requirement and are comprehensively protected against short-circuit, overvoltage and overtemperature situations.

An IP67 rating makes the Emerson Network Power LDS70 series an excellent choice for use in applications where the ingress of dust or moisture is a concern. The ability of the product to operate from minus 40 to 60°C makes the family well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The LDS70 series is pre-certified with critical safety specifications and regulatory requirements – including EN 61347, UL 8750, which are specific to LED related applications,and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and CE LVD directives – to provide a rapid, cost-effective power solution off-the-shelf, which enables a significant improvement in design-to-revenue timelines.

VPT, Inc. unveiled its latest point of load (POL) dc-dc converter, the DVPL0503S. This new converter delivers critical reliability performance and efficiency in the distributed power architectures of avionics, military, and space systems. The new 3A DVPL DC-DC POL converter can be used alone or in conjunction with the DVHE 50W DC-DC converter as part of VPT’s High Efficiency, Reliability Optimized (HERO) Power System. The DVPL 3A POL converter is a non-isolated, synchronous, buck regulated converter that steps down the voltage at the point of end use. Its tiny size and light weight save board space, weight, and expense, making it an improved solution over the use of multiple isolated dc-dc converters to power individual loads in an electronics system.