Sentec Launches MicroMonitor Sensing Technology Platform for Smart Homes

February 21, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Sentec, Ltd. has launched MicroMonitor, a new technology platform that provides low-cost energy sensing at the point of use, a crucial component in the smart home of the future. Incorporating a low profile C-strip current sensor, on-chip metrology software library and unique micro AC-DC power supply, the ultra-small sensing technology can be incorporated into a variety of form factors. For example, it could be included in a wall outlet, embedded into a plug or lead, or built directly into an appliance.

The reference design is a tiny, low-cost device that slips directly between the plug and outlet, where it wirelessly senses and transmits the consumption of individual appliances in real-time. With no batteries to replace, and an estimated sub $9 price, it enables consumers to easily monitor the consumption of any appliance in their home.

"For consumers to reduce their energy consumption, they need to know which appliances are using most energy," commented Dr Edward Colby, CTO, Sentec. "Most monitors measure and show only the overall consumption for the whole home, which makes taking action very hard. Individual appliance monitors are available, but these tend to be bulky, intrusive and costly. Not only does MicroMonitor facilitate the easy monitoring of any individual appliance, it also enables smaller and less obtrusive product design."

Sentec is offering the MicroMonitor technology for license to manufacturers of in home displays, appliances, home automation systems and building management systems for integration into their platform or device.