Sensors and Actuators Join KEMET Portfolio

January 26, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

KEMET Corporation has boosted its solutions capabilities by adding high-quality temperature sensors, current sensors, and piezoelectric actuators. These products have been made available as part of a private label partnership and cross-licensing agreement with NEC TOKIN Corporation.

"These new solutions deliver extra value for producers of electronic equipment worldwide by increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency while connecting KEMET's quality and service with more parts in each bill of materials," said Johnny Boan, KEMET Vice President of Marketing. "Going forward, we will continue to develop new technologies and products to strengthen support for customers and enhance our market position globally."

The piezoelectric actuators now joining the KEMET portfolio, which are based on ceramic powder and multilayer technologies, consist of standard and custom devices. Piezoelectric actuators can provide an alternative to conventional mechanisms, delivering advantages such as fewer moving parts, fast actuation, simplified design, easier setup and maintenance, and reduced wear. Piezo actuators are widely used throughout industrial and consumer applications for purposes such as valve control, precision position control, and image stabilization.

KEMET has also added current transformers for versatile current sensing solutions and zero-phase current transformers for various circuit protection and user safety purposes. These current transformers provide a convenient and cost-effective solution offering advantages such as ease of maintenance and electrical isolation. Applications include smart meters, power conditioning, and safety circuit breakers.

Now KEMET offers several families of temperature sensors to its customers, covering various temperature ranges, accuracy levels, environmental resistance, and safety approvals to fulfill applications such as monitoring process control and thermal protection.