Riedon Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of Deltec Shunts

December 13, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Riedon, a specialist manufacturer of cutting-edge power and precision resistors, announced today the acquisition of Deltec Shunts, LLC. The company, based in Norwalk, California, is one of the premier US manufacturers of current shunts and fuse-block holders.

The agreement signed by the two companies involves the acquisition by Riedon of all Deltec's assets and product lines. The deal is a significant move for Riedon, as it enables the company to consolidate its position in its core markets, including instrumentation, aerospace, and defense, and significantly expand into key fast-growing market sectors in renewable energy applications and power supply design.

Since its inception in 1986, Deltec has been a manufacturer of dc ammeter shunts, available in 10 different sizes, as well as fuse blocks. The company has successfully serviced solar and wind inverter markets, along with specialized shunt designs for many renewable-energy applications, in addition to the recreational vehicle (RV) and boat power-supply market segments.

"The acquisition of Deltec will provide Riedon with global scale, expanding our capabilities to service existing customers and increase our customer base in the renewable energy and power supply industries," said Frieda Hovsepian, VP Sales & Marketing at Riedon Inc.

"Through this acquisition, Riedon becomes a major manufacturer of current shunt products, enabling us to offer better pricing, lead times and custom-designed services,” concluded Hovsepian.