Protonex to Demonstrate NGen Fuel Cell Power System

January 25, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Protonex Technology Corp. (Southborough, MA), a developer of fuel cell power solutions for portable and remote applications, announced that it will feature its NGen™ fuel cell power system at the Tactical Power Sources Summit in Arlington, VA. The Summit, hosted by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, will showcase innovative ways industry leaders of alternative power sources generate, store and utilize power for military applications.

In this industry first product demonstration, Protonex will demonstrate its 30 W portable fuel cell power system that is fully integrated with a chemical hydride fuel cartridge. The cartridges are easy to replace and have three times the stored energy of conventional military batteries. Protonex will also demonstrate a compact, portable, 150 W fuel cell system suitable for charging batteries in the field.