Osaka Gas Begins Testing H Power's Fuel Cell System

April 23, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

H Power Corp. (Clifton, NJ) announced that Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. (Japan) has begun long-term operational trials of a 500W proton-exchange membrane (PEM) residential cogeneration fuel cell system for the Japanese residential market. Testing is planned to last one year and Osaka Gas plans to continue test operations after that on improved prototypes until 2005.

The system provides primary power and hot water, and has been installed in Osaka Gas' NEXT21, which is an experimental condominium complex located in Tennouji Ward, Osaka City. The unit can provide power at either 250W or 500W, is connected to the grid, and is capable of automatic start-up and shut-down. In addition to operating at a constant output, the unit can also function in a load-following mode, in which it reacts continuously to changes in the power and heating requirements of the residence.

H Power CEO H. Frank Gibbard commented, "We are very pleased to have achieved this milestone in our relationship with Osaka Gas. We expect to see strong demand for a 500W system in the Japanese residential marketplace. As the only company providing Osaka Gas with fuel cells for their 500W system, we look forward to providing next-generation designs with the aim of commercializing our technology in Japan."