Nova Cruz Launches Voloci Electric Motorbike

March 31, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Nova Cruz Products LLC (Dover, NH) announced the debut of the Voloci electric motorbike, a lightweight, high-performance motorbike. The Voloci zero-emissions vehicle features a whisper-quiet electric drive and an all-aluminum frame that offers power, comfort, convenience and style.

The Voloci motorbike has a top speed of 30mph, accelerates to 20mph in just five seconds and features a brushless motor that carries an adult rider up a 25-percent grade. With its high-efficiency microprocessor-controlled drive system, the Voloci has a range of up to 50 miles depending on battery configuration and riding conditions.

The Voloci is available with a sealed lead-acid battery system ($1,995) and a nickel metal-hydride battery system ($2,495). Both battery systems deliver superior performance and can be charged in two to three hours. With either system, a full charge requires only about $0.05 worth of electricity.

The Voloci is now available for purchase at the Nova Cruz Products website.