Milpower Offers Power Amplifiers for US Navy

June 26, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Milpower Inc. (San Diego, CA), a company that designs, manufactures and tests custom power supplies, power converters and RF power amplifiers for use in military, space and commercial applications, offered its RF power amplifiers for worldwide use on US Navy ships, aircraft and submarines.

The 11000 ship/submarine series and 13000 aircraft series of RF power amplifiers are suitable for a variety of Navy vessels and aircraft, including hovercraft and mine sweepers. The power amplifiers generate a frequency range from 225MHz to 399.995MHz. The amplifier accommodates AM/FM/PSK/FSK modulation techniques and TDMA/DAMA formats provided by the terminal. The power amplifier is interoperable with any terminal meeting the input frequency, interface and power range requirements of a mini-DAMA terminal.

"The Milpower RF power amplifier family of products provides 'bullet-proof' power amplifier performance not only to the US Navy but to many of our allies around the world, including Australia and European countries," said Milpower General Manager Gary Bartlow.