Maxwell Wins $2.1M Contract

April 07, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Maxwell Technologies Inc. (San Diego) announced that its Energy Products subsidiary has been awarded a $2.15 million contract from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to provide high-voltage power supplies for the National Ignition Facility (NIF). Maxwell also announced the appointment of Thomas Horgan as President and CEO. The NIF, currently under construction in Northern California, will be a $1.2-billion high-powered laser facility funded by the Department of Energy for its nuclear stockpile stewardship programs. The Energy Products subsidiary also recently won two additional contracts totaling $950,000 for the Department of Energy's ATLAS program. Maxwell will provide power supplies and pulsed trigger generators to the pulsed power facility overseen by Los Alamos National Laboratory. "These awards from two world-class research laboratories clearly demonstrate Energy Products' leadership in the pulsed power arena," stated Horgan. "Maxwell will provide the main power supplies for high-energy applications in both the NIF and ATLAS facilities. This further enhances our reputation as a source of leading edge technology."Horgan, who joined Maxwell in 1996 as vice president of business development, has served as interim CEO since November 1998, when Ken Potashner relinquished the position to lead another turnaround opportunity. Potashner remains with Maxwell as chairman of the board."We're fortunate to have someone with Tom's management skills and experience available to take over the leadership of Maxwell," Potashner stated. "Tom has played a major role in reshaping Maxwell from a research-oriented defense contractor to a dynamic technology that now generates more than two-thirds of its revenues from commercial businesses.