Mastervolt Unveils Switching Solution to Increase Onsite Consumption of Solar Power

March 11, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Mastervolt unveiled what it describes as an innovative switching solution which increases the on-site consumption of solar power, the new transformer-less inverter SunMaster ES3.6TL and the extended transformer-less CS inverter series.

The switching solution EnergySwitch provides a way to increase the on-site consumption of solar power without the need to invest in battery systems. A simple application of this technology allows the solar photovoltaic system to generate hot water by activating the immersion heater in a hot water tank when excess power of the sun is available. The hot water is normally stored and can be used by the system owners when it is needed.

Mastervolt also announces a new inverter for smaller PV-installations: the transformer-less SunMaster ES3.6TL achieves a maximum output of 16A ac (3.6kW). The total PV array can be connected as a single string to the 900V dc input of the ES3.6TL. This unique feature makes system planning straightforward, installation easy and boosts yearly energy yield. The low level of self consumption by the SunMaster ES 3.6, combined with an intelligent start-up procedure, extends the daily operating hours by up to 40 minutes. Installation outside is possible thanks to the IP65 housing. The unit can be easily lifted to the loft or rooftop using the built-in handlebars.

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