LED Street Light Developments Brighten Light Fair

May 13, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Advances in high-wattage LED designs revealed at this week’s Light Fair in Las Vegas are moving the technology closer to wide-spread adoption in street light applications. Carmanah, Dialight, BetaLED and Power Vector were among the companies demonstrating the latest developments related to the use of LEDs in street light luminaires.

Carmanah introduced its newest EverGEN solar LED light, the EverGEN 1720. The company’s highest output self-contained solar LED light to-date, the EverGEN 1720 leverages the slim form factor of the EverGEN 1710 while providing nearly twice the typical lumen output. In ideal solar conditions with tailored operating profiles, light output of up to 10,000 lumens is achievable. In more typical conditions, output of 5,000 lumens is common.

Targeted for parking lot, residential roadway, sign, perimeter and other site lighting applications, the 1720 expands the applications for the compact 1700 series solar LED lights. The 1700 series of EverGEN lights have also been designed for installation in 30 minutes or less, saving time and money.

"The Carmanah EverGEN naturally eliminates the need to trench or install conduit during lighting installation," explained Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO. "With the EverGEN 1700 series, installation time and cost are further reduced through the ability to stage the entire system on the ground and hoist it into place on the pole as one complete unit.&quot

Dialight announced that its StreetSENSE™ SL Series LED Street Light has achieved the qualifications of the Designlights™ Consortium’s Solid State Lighting Fixtures Qualified Products List. This recognition attributes to the StreetSENSE luminaire’s energy efficiency and lighting efficacy for roadway lighting applications.

The DLC’s Qualified Products List serves as a resource guide for program administrators to determine which lighting products meet established energy efficiency guidelines currently not addressed in the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. The goal is to ensure that high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all lighting installations. The program is operated by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership and sponsored by numerous utility companies, energy research and public service organizations.

The BetaLED division of Ruud Lighting extended its LEDway street light family with the LEDway SLM. The LEDway SLM (single light module) is a low-profile luminaire designed for use on residential streets. The new luminaire offers over 90 lumens per watt and uses a new generation LED chip package coupled with advanced optical design techniques. Compatible with existing pole mounting configurations, the LEDway SLM can also be mounted to a vertical or horizontal tenon. These scalable light modules can be configured with up to 60 LEDs to provide tailored illumination levels and maximize energy efficiency.

Power Vector introduced its 1072 series LED power supply designed to the specifications of a reference design from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The modular 1072 power supplies deliver up to 4 channels of 50W each, for a maximum rated power of 200W. Each channel provides a constant current output variable from 100 to 500mA to optimize efficacy, energy savings and light output. The modular design enables the new power supply to be used in LED applications replacing traditional HID and low-pressure sodium luminaries rated for 70, 100, 150, 250 and even 400W. Efficiency is over 90% at 350mA of output current and is above 85% over the entire output current range.