K2 Energy Solutions Joins With European Batteries To Construct European Rechargeable Battery Factory

May 21, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

K2 Energy Solutions (K2), a manufacturer of rechargeable battery systems for electric vehicles, mobility devices, power tools, electronics, and energy storage applications, has announced the construction of a highly advanced lithium-ion battery factory in Varkaus, Finland.

The new 90,000 square-foot facility will be used to manufacture safe and eco-friendly high-capacity batteries for Europe’s advanced industrial, energy and transportation needs, and is being constructed in conjunction with K2’s European technology partner, European Batteries Oy (EB).

Utilizing what the company describes as the world’s most advanced lithium battery technology, K2 and EB are working in close collaboration to create the world’s most advanced rechargeable battery. Through this alliance, the companies intend to develop a safer, more efficient battery chemistry that is specifically designed to address Europe’s need for high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

"In Europe, the use of fossil-based fuels is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain and has resulted in the need to find and develop alternative sources of energy," said Johnnie Stoker, CEO of K2 Energy Solutions. "With a facility in Varkaus, K2 and EB now have the ability and capacity to manufacture efficient and intelligent batteries that are safer, more efficient, more durable, lighter and more eco-friendly than traditional batteries."

The $44 million facility is expected to be completed in Fall of this year, with full battery production beginning in early 2010.