Development Initiative for IP67 LED Drivers for Outdoor Lighting

March 19, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Brightworks Technology, Inc. debuted its new development initiative to produce reliable, efficient, compact, and water-resistant ac-dc LED drivers for demanding outdoor, architectural lighting, signage, and horticulture applications. After more than a year of market research and industry feedback, the first product line from the new initiative is the Silverback series of LED drivers.

Brightworks' Silverback series, which is the first product family of the development initiative is on display during APEC 2019 in booth 243. The new product family will initially consist of five basic models. It will be IP67 rated (withstanding up to 1 meter of immersion in water for approximately 30 minutes). The series will deliver output power ranging from 160W to 600W with typical full load efficiency of 93%.

Several of the constant current models will also feature 0V to 10V dimming. With 90Vac to 305Vac input or 180Vac to 528Vac input, the models can meet single-phase input or three-phase configurations.

The Silverback series will feature a mix of constant current and constant voltage regulated single output voltages. Some models will feature dimmable output currents, and others will provide current sharing. Brightworks says that the Silverback family will also have excellent electrical and thermal performance using enhanced circuit design, state-of-the-art semiconductor controls, patented magnetics, and optimized component placements. In addition, the Silverback LED drivers are designed to meet EN62368 and UL8750 safety requirements.

"With the cost of electricity skyrocketing worldwide, facility and greenhouse owners are focused on sophisticated lighting solutions at an affordable price with a low total cost of ownership (TCO). In turn, this is driving the need in the LED lighting marketplace for cost-optimized power solutions that can withstand the rigors of the application environment," said Robert L. Carl, president of Brightworks. "Our goal with the new development initiative is to advance the designs of LED drivers using state-of-the-art semiconductor controls, patented magnetics, and cost-effective thermal management to satisfy global customers' requirements for higher reliability at a lower size, weight, and cost."

Carl added, "By opening beta testing to select customers designing for rugged applications, we will ensure that our new product family addresses market needs when we launch. Our beta testers have priority access to our state-of-the-art pre-compliance EMI/EMC test lab in San Diego for their lighting fixtures and will have priority access when the new products are released into production later this year."

"We are excited about our new development initiative and believe that our Silverback power solutions will set a high standard in AC/DC conversion for the growing LED lighting market," noted Roger Gu, R&D general manager for Brightworks' product development labs. "Our Silverback series is ideally suited for demanding LED applications in outdoor signage, horticulture, and external lighting because its potted design meets IP67 and has excellent thermal management. The new series will feature protection modes for UVP/OVP, OCP, OTP, and SCP and we are designing with long-life components to create a robust, highly reliable product. Depending on beta participants' input, we also have the flexibility at this stage to adopt different output voltages and currents to meet specific applications - even double or higher power levels using parallel technology."

The Silverback series of LED drivers will be available for customer beta testing beginning the second quarter of 2019. The company invites design engineers working on LED fixtures requiring power from 160W to 600W to apply to be part of the Silverback beta test initiative.