Invensys' Intergy System Meets NEBS Standard

November 18, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Invensys Energy Systems (Raleigh, NC) announced that two of the Intergy dc powering systems met the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) standard for the telecommunications industry. The new systems are built to comply with the Level 3 NEBS standard GR-1089-CORE for electromagnetic compatibility and GR-63-CORE for physical protection, which includes seismic Zone 4 compatibility.

The certified products are the Intergy Battery Distribution Fuse Bay, with multiple load feeding at up to eight busses and a maximum current of 6,000A, and the Intergy Circuit Breaker Distribution Bay, with circuit-breaker distribution at up to 120 circuits rated from 5A to 100A.

"Network reliability is a primary focus for communications systems," said Rick Marcotte, Invensys Energy System's vice president, Enterprise Systems Group. "By obtaining NEBS compliance certification, we have demonstrated our commitment to deliver dc power products with the highest level of reliability. This provides central office and other mission-critical installations robust equipment to handle real-world events and keep networks up and running."