Intersil Holding Unveils New Dense Trench MOSFET Technology to Improve Battery Life

March 22, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Intersil Holding Corp. (Palm Bay, FL) announced that it has developed a breakthrough technology that offers increased battery life in notebook PCs, cellular telephones and other portable information appliances. Intersil claims it will utilize the technology in a new family of discrete power products tailored for these high-efficiency, low-voltage applications.

Intersil's technology breakthrough is applied to the development of MOSFETs. Intersil's new Dense Trench technology is designed to increase battery life by reducing the switching losses and switching resistance of system MOSFETs.

According to Intersil, better efficiency comes from the Dense Trench technology, which increases the channel density within each MOSFET device. Channel density of the Dense Trench MOSFET is claimed to be more than twice that of competitive trench designs. Beyond use in battery-powered products, Dense Trench technology can be used for power management in desktop PCs and network servers. Intersil anticipates the release of its first Dense Trench technology products this summer.

"Anyone interested in squeezing the most out of a battery in a cellular phone or portable information appliance will find Intersil's new, low-voltage power technology useful," said Russ Morcom, Intersil's vice president and general manager of Discrete Power Products. "The discrete power technology we've developed improves the efficiency of the devices that control power switching in these battery-powered products. By increasing the density within the cell structure of the switching MOSFETs, we can significantly improve power efficiency," added Morcom. "In fact, we believe that Intersil's technology is a generation ahead of our competition."