Innovolt Launches Presence in South Africa

March 05, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Innovolt, a specialist in intelligent electronics power protection and management, announced its global expansion, leading with the South African market. The company’s technology is poised for success in South African and sub Saharan markets through a number of existing channel relations, in part, because of the volatile state of Africa’s power supply and the imperative need for improved electronics protection. Innovolt has staffed a General Manager focused on leading the company’s sales efforts in South Africa and the proximate sub Saharan countries and will continue to staff in the region as needed.

Power protection and management is truly a global issue and one that is dramatically illustrated throughout South Africa, with its constant rolling blackouts and power failures. Africa accounts for more than one-sixth of the world’s population, but generates only four percent of global electricity. In 2007, the New York Times reported that 25 of the 44 sub-Saharan nations faced crippling electricity shortages, a power crisis that experts were calling unprecedented. While these shortages are known for disrupting life and workflow, the impact of disturbances, coupled with the antiquated power grid, wreaks havoc on all electronic equipment.

"Africa’s population growth has surpassed the infrastructure that is currently in place, and the South African market, specifically, has a tremendous need for improved power supply -- which will not happen in the short term. Those living and working in the region suffer through some of the worst conditions worldwide when it comes to power disturbances. We’ve created a solution that can minimize the negative impact of poor power on electronics," stated Jeff Spence, COO and president of Innovolt. "Because of Innovolt’s intelligent power protection and management, the company is aiding South Africa in its future growth. Our technology has been tested, proven and is fit for this part of the world."

Today’s electronics are pervasive with the vast majority of equipment deployed with insufficient protection, resulting in damage from disturbances on power grids that are remarkably chaotic and caustic. To date, electronics protection choices worldwide have been limited to either under-functioning surge protectors for aftermarket consumer use or unwieldy, over-priced technologies such as uninterruptable power supply (UPS). The Innovolt technology is accessible to and effective for all ac powered electronics.

"The power issues that are seen globally are not to be ignored. Electronic equipment continues to advance and become more digital, however the power supply remains antiquated," adds Spence. "Innovolt’s technology is filling a huge void, disrupting the marketplace with both functionality and cost. Now we are taking the opportunity to build off our successes and expand into new regions."

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