Illuminated Components Adds Aimtec LED Drivers

March 31, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Illuminated Components, the official lighting & LED division of NRC Electronics, announced that it has become a worldwide distributor of LED drivers for Aimtec Inc.

Boasting efficiencies as high as 96%, Aimtec’s LED drivers carried by Illuminated Components are designed to be as reliable as the LEDs they drive. With an operating temperature of -40 up to +85°C at full load, they are designed for use in exterior and interior conditions. Standard output currents choice srange from 300mAto 1A, which makes these drivers compatible with a wide range of LEDs applications (without any need for any external components). Aimtec’s LED drivers are well suited for either single unit or arrays of LEDs for lighting applications that include advertising displays, road and rail traffic signs and signals, automotive, consumer products and a wide range of industrial products, including telecommunication applications.

Featuring remote ON/OFF control function as well as both PWM and analog voltage dimming control (0 – 100%), with an output current accuracy of up to ±2%, Aimtec’s LED drivers maintain the constant color and brightness that is required by today’s most demanding LED applications. Wide input ranges include 5 -36 and 7-30Vdc, stepping down to wide output ranges of range of 2-28 and 2-32Vdc provide for easy integration into most LED applications.

"As LED technology continues to advance, so does the number of applications that can take full advantage of cost and environmental benefits associated with LED lights. This is one of the fastest growing market sectors and Aimtec is proud to have Illuminated Components as a strategic sales partner to support and service customers in the LED market." stated Vladimir Serafimov, President of Aimtec.

As a division of NRC Electronics (established in 1974), Illuminated Components states that it is uniquely positioned to benefit from years of relevant distribution & logistics experience.