IDT and EDC Collaborate on Wireless Communication and Sensor Solutions for Industry 4.0

July 24, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, today announced a collaboration with Germany-based company, Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH (EDC), to integrate IDT’s 6LoWPAN wireless modules and sensor products into EDC’s Industry 4.0 platform.

The “SystemOnModule” approach of IDT’s ZWIR45xx family of wireless modules make these solutions well-suited for embedding wireless connectivity into EDC’s SmartFIT Connect Platform.

“Our collaboration with IDT just started a few months ago,” said Dr. Steffen Heinz, co-founder and CEO of Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH. “We quickly decided to use IDT’s secure wireless modules, as we saw a huge advantage in running the complete sensor data acquisition on the wireless module on top of the 6LoWPAN stack.”

“The fully featured over-the-air update (OTAU) capability further enables us to distribute firmware upgrades or new algorithms to every sensor node in the future,” said André Lange, co-founder and CEO of Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH. “IDT’s continuous support has allowed us to add a wireless showcase for our booth at SENSOR+TEST 2019, even with very limited time and budget. Thanks to the easy implementation, we can concentrate on our core business.”

“We are excited about our new collaboration with EDC,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, EVP of Renesas Technology & IDT’s president and CEO. “We continue to partner with innovative companies and look forward to adding IDT’s humidity, VOC gas, temperature and flow sensor technology into EDC’s SmartFIT system. The new ZWIR4532 will further reduce both space and power consumption for future low power sensors.”

The ZWIR4532 is a complete and fully-featured IoT connectivity module, incorporating an Arm® microcontroller, a sub-Gigahertz radio transceiver and optional license-free IDT firmware download. It is an excellent solution for IoT connectivity thanks to its support for native communication with computers and mobile devices through IPv6, and its ability to create secure, self-healing ad-hoc mesh networks that cover large areas and long ranges based on open standard security protocols.

IDT’s ZWIR4532 6LoWPAN wireless IoT connectivity module is currently available.