Hua Hong Semi Announces 700V Super-Junction FET Platform

November 03, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited has announced a trench 600V-700V Super Junction MOSFET (SJNFET) technology platform which delivers a smaller green chip manufacturing platform with lower power consumption and higher switching efficiency, especially for the popular applications in the booming areas of portable equipment, 4G network, cloud computing and LED lighting, and so on. The new Super Junction devices claim to break the "silicon limit" (the on-resistance value is proportional to 2.4-2.6 power of the breakdown voltage) of traditional MOSFET devices, resulting in lower conduction impedance and higher switching frequency under the same packaging condition. Until now, this technology was only developed by a few international major device makers.

With the booming development of mobile internet and the green energy technology as well as the global trend on energy-saving and emission-reduction, the efficiency requirement on the power system of products is getting higher than ever. As the core component for ac-dc in power systems such as off-line switching power supplies, chargers/adapters, UPSs and LED driver, power semiconductor plays a crucial role in cutting power consumption and improving efficiency.

With the technological advantages on power devices for over 10 years, Hua Hong successfully overcome the worldwide challenge of deep trench etching filling processes by launching out the trench SJNFET technology platform in 2010. This platform developed with independent intellectual property can support the manufacturing of products with voltage ranges from 500V to 900V. Compared with conventional Multi-epitaxial SJNFET solution, trench structure has many advantages such as fewer mask layers, simpler device structure, better thermal performance, shorter manufacturing cycle and greater potential for performance improvement, etc. Additionally, Hua Hong has been granted more than 10 SJNFET-related patent licenses in North America and over 100 in mainland China, which enables a foundry service platform to drastically reduce the time-to-market for customers.

Based on Hua Hong platform, many customers' SJNFET products have shown excellent performance and already commenced mass production since 2011. In 2012, Hua Hong successfully launched the second generation SJNFET technology platform. Compared with the first generation, the second generation has 30% lower conduction dissipation (on-resistance per unit area is 1.8 ohm.square millimeter), a leading level in the industry, as well as higher switching frequency, lower switching loss, robust EAS capability and greater EMI protection. So far, Hua Hong SJNFET technology platform already has more than 20 global partners and maintains over 98% process yield, providing reliable high-voltage power chips for the top terminal manufacturers in the industry.