HomePlug Powerline Alliance Demonstrates Interoperability of 14 HomePlug AV Products

January 11, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance announced that it has granted its "Designed for HomePlug AV" mark to 14 products from 11 companies as a result of compliance and interoperability testing performed by an independent laboratory in France.

Founded in 2000, the HomePlug Alliance is the only powerline communications organization to offer open-standard based technology backed by multiple silicon providers and a strong program of compliance and interoperability testing. The latest round of HomePlug testing is the first to identify products that are designed for the HomePlug AV high-speed connectivity solution. The HomePlug 1.0 certification mark already exists on over seven million HomePlug 1.0 products sold worldwide.

"By confirming that products from multiple vendors meet HomePlug specifications, the Alliance's compliance and interoperability programs ensure that consumers will have a robust and user-friendly experience," said Mathew Theall, President of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. "All consumers need to do is look for the HomePlug logo, and they will know that the products they are buying will work seamlessly together."

Products awarded the "Designed for HomePlug AV" include: Actiontec - HPE200AV; Asoka USA - PluglinkAV PL9660ETH; Aztech - HL108EC(US), HL108E (EU); D-LINK - DHP-304; devolo - Dlan 200 AV, Dlan 200 Avdesk, Dlan 200 Avpro, Dlan 200 Avpro I; Gigafast - PE928-EB; NETGEAR; LINKSYS - PLE200; Intellon Corp. - Ethernet to Powerline Reference Design (RD6000 ETH); Solwise - Net-PL-200AV; and ZyXEL - PLA400.

The HomePlug AV compliance and interoperability test events are held at an independent test facility using common test code, standardized platforms, test specifications and a variety of system profiles. To help manufacturers and consumers easily identify HomePlug AV products, the Alliance awards each product successfully tested a special "Designed for HomePlug AV" mark to incorporate onto products, product packaging and collateral. The Alliance maintains a list of these products on the HomePlug website. The Alliance is continuing to expand its compliance and interoperability testing and plans to hold additional Plugfests in the near future.