Fully-Integrated H-Bridge Arduino Shield for DC Motor Control

December 21, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The IFX9202ED shield in the Arduino format from Infineon Technologies is a universal development kit for Infineon's general purpose fully-integrated dual H-bridge IFX9202ED which is designed for (but not limited to) the control of dc motors or other inductive loads up to 6A in industrial and home appliance applications. For automotive applications the TLE9202ED qualified according to AEC Q-100 is available as well and is pin and feature compatible for IFX9202ED.

The IFX9202 can drive small dc motors with peak currents up to 6A. The achievable continuous drive current is lower and depends on supply voltage, switching frequency and cooling conditions. Realistic continuous drive currents for this kit are in the range of 1A per channel or 2A in total, more can be achieved by use of a cooling element.

Many dc motors which are utilized for applications such as home automation, moving robots and mechanical toys typically fall in this range of drive current. You can connect up to two suitable dc motors or similar loads.

The IFX9202ED shield can be easily used in combination with the XMC1100 Boot Kit, however can be adapted to other kits as well.

Potential Applications

  • DC motor control for industrial applications
  • Stepper motors in industrial applications
  • Home and building automation
  • Power tools battery management
  • Industrial robotic
  • Medical applications
  • Automotive (with TLE9202ED)

For providing the power to drive a dc motor, the dual H-Bridge shield with IFX9202 needs an external power supply connected to VBAT vs. GND. To protect the board from accidentally reversed supply voltages the dual H-Bridge shield with IFX9202 is equipped with a reverse polarity protection circuit. VBAT can range from about 6V to a maximum of 36V.