FuelSell to Deliver Hydrogen-Direct Solution by Mail

August 07, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

FuelSell Technologies Inc. (FST, San Francisco, CA) unveiled its Hydrogen-Direct proprietary solution, which safely and cost-effectively stores and distributes hydrogen fuel for fuel cells or other new energy systems. The solid-state, hydrogen storage system is a suite of FST-engineered, patent-pending and licensed technologies that store and release hydrogen at low temperatures and efficiencies.

The system delivers hydrogen stored in Fuel Cassettes via existing delivery systems. The Fuel Cassettes store and enable safe transportation of hydrogen as non-pressurized, non-liquid hydrogen "H-matrix," releasing the hydrogen directly into the fuel cell on demand. The solution does not require transportation of dangerous or explosive materials, and the company expects the Fuel Cassettes to be approved by the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Association and the National Transportation Safety Board as non-hazardous material.

"Our intelligent Fuel Cassette is one of the most flexible, and revolutionary pieces of the system. The cost and logistics of hydrogen fuel distribution and storage have always been the greatest impediments to the development and proliferation of fuel cells as a viable alternative energy source. Our belief is that we've now overcome this obstacle," stated FuelSell Technologies CTO Scott Redmond.