FreeWire Tech and Envision AESC Partner on Battery-Integrated Products for Electric Vehicles

February 10, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Electric vehicle (EV) solutions provider FreeWire Technologies recently announced a new partnership with battery technology supplier Envision AESC.

As part of the new collaboration, the companies will work on the development of ultrafast EV charging and mobile power products.

The move is aimed at accelerating the worldwide adoption of electric vehicles.


The FreeWire Boost Charger. Image used courtesy of Freewire.


A Shared Goal

FreeWire Technologies is a company focusing on the design and manufacturing of turnkey power solutions for electric vehicles.

Founded in 2014, the San Francisco-based firm has so far raised $105.2M from a number of investors, including Riverstone Holdings, BP Ventures, and others.

Envision AESC, on the other hand, specializes in lithium-ion batteries for EVs. The company has reportedly installed over 480,000 electric vehicles across Japan, the US, and Europe with a zero rate of critical malfunction.

The two companies are now joining forces to overcome the challenges related to the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads, and consequently the necessary, large-scale deployment of ultrafast chargers.

To correctly install these charging stations, however, it is necessary to utilize high-voltage grid powers, which often translate to high costs connected to the deployment of traditional infrastructure-heavy chargers.

Through FreeWire’s ultrafast charging capabilities and Envision AESC battery cells and modules, the firms are designing ultrafast charging solutions that are also infrastructure-light.


The Boost Charger can charge two cars at the same time. Image used courtesy of Freewire.
The Boost Charger can charge two cars at the same time. Image used courtesy of Freewire.



“Given its ten-year track record of safety and reliability, Envision AESC’s battery technology was the perfect choice to incorporate into our industry-leading battery pack,” commented FreeWire CEO and founder Arcady Sosinov. 

“FreeWire’s innovative technology leveraging Envision AESC battery modules has positioned the company to become a global market leader in EV charging and energy products,” he added.


Partnering on EV Ultrafast Charging 

Following the beginning of the new partnership, FreeWire will now scale up applications of Envision modules to create a new, proprietary battery pack with high energy density.

The components will then be integrated into portable power solutions to enable site hosts to upgrade or install small-print ultrafast EV charging infrastructure.

One of these is Freewire’s Boost Charger, a battery-integrated electric vehicle charger featuring 160 kWh of battery capacity and 120 kW output.

The device can reportedly provide ultrafast charging using the same infrastructure as L2 chargers at up to a 40% lower cost of installation versus other fast chargers. 

Boost Charger was built by Freewire utilizing Envision AESC modules and has already achieved various industry safety certifications including UL1973 for the lithium-ion battery pack, and UL2202, UL2231-1, UL2231-2, and UL991 for the entire system.


The Boost Charger also features green LED lights. Image used courtesy of Freewire.

“We congratulate FreeWire on this safety certification milestone,” commented Bill Williams, Director of Business Development at Envision AESC.

“It’s exciting to develop and grow partnerships like this as a US battery manuerer for their fast-growing business of innovative EV charging solutions.”

Moving forward, Freewire and Envision AESC will continue to collaborate on EP ultrafast charging and the wider adoption of these technologies worldwide.

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