FINsix and Marubun Announce Strategic Partnership

August 12, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

FINsix Corporation a developer of high-frequency power electronics, and Marubun Corporation, a distributor of electronic components in Asia, have formed a strategic partnership to bring customers in Asia a small, lightweight alternative to bulky power supplies. Under the agreement, Marubun will be the exclusive distributor of FINsix's products to major Japanese OEMs, with the potential to expand across its impressive customer base in Asia. In addition to the commercial partnership, Marubun has also made a strategic investment in FINsix's Round B.

The combination of Marubun’s reach and unparalleled logistics capabilities with FINsix’s ability to greatly miniaturize today’s power electronics products will enable rapid proliferation of FINsix’s power products in Asia by giving customers a long-awaited alternative to the power brick.

“Our customers have expressed tremendous interest in getting significantly smaller and lighter power supplies,” said Satoshi Fujino, senior vice president at Marubun Corporation. “FINsix’s power conversion technology is the game-changer we’ve been looking for, and opens up a totally new category for Marubun.”

Vanessa Green, CEO of FINsix, said, “We are thrilled to partner with a world-class company like Marubun. This relationship will enable us to get our power products designed into a broad range of applications by some of the most impressive equipment manufacturers in the world and expand our business in ways that we never could have imagined.”