EVI Breakthrough With Zinc Bromine Hybrid System

June 24, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Ventures Inc. (EVI, Toronto)announced that, in laboratory tests, its Zinc Bromine Hybrid system now delivers up to 100 battery charge and discharge cycles. Zinc Carbon or LeClanche cells, typically marketed as heavy duty batteries, have been manufactured for over 125 years and more than 5 billion cells a year are still sold today (primarily in underdeveloped countries, such as China and India). EVI claims that its technology is designed so that each cell can replace dozens of Zinc Carbon cells. EVI also added that its cells can be manufactured on existing battery manufacturing equipment. The breakthrough with this technology will allow these batteries to become rechargeable and result both in major cost savings to consumers and considerable reductions in waste. EVI, in addition to the Zinc

Bromine Hybrid system, is preparing to commercialize new battery technologies

in the areas of Lithium Ion and Nickel Zinc small format cells as well as Alkaline Fuel Cells.