EPOD Ships Prototype to US Military Contractor

July 07, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

EPOD International Inc. (Kelowna, British Columbia), a developer of advanced energy management technologies, announced that it has shipped its advanced prototype voltage-input controller, the EPOD Voltage Regulator, to a US military contractor for a planned military application. The prototype units are to be evaluated and utilized in phase-two power generation development for military field personnel, with the technology having potential use in additional areas.

The EPOD Voltage Regulator is designed to manage the power output for thermoelectric devices - solid-state modules that generate electricity without any moving parts. EPOD's voltage and current controller unit reduces the capital and maintenance costs traditionally associated with this specific type of power generation in military field operations. As the EPOD Voltage Regulator is a solid-state device containing no moving parts, longer product life and greater reliability are achieved for mission-critical applications, both military and civilian. The EPOD Voltage Regulator is believed to be the first high-current, dc-dc voltage doubler and regulator (capable of handling 10 A at up to 30 V in a single module), and is capable of scaling via paralleling into hundreds of amperes.

"We're excited at the prospect of creating a solution that will assist in increasing the reliability of power generation in the field and to reducing the costs of supporting various power applications for military personnel," said EPOD President Mark Roseborough. "The Voltage Regulator is an excellent example of EPOD's ability to engineer real-world solutions to energy management issues."