Enova Systems and Hyundai Motor Partner on Production of New Hybrid Vehicle

March 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Enova Systems (Torrance, CA) announced it has entered into a contract with Hyundai Motor Co. (Korea), the world's seventh-largest automobile manufacturer, to design and develop a new parallel-hybrid system for its production vehicles. This contract follows the successful completion of a development program between the companies that resulted in a parallel-hybrid system for Hyundai's hybrid-electric concept car, displayed at the 1999 Seoul Auto Show.

This new contract should enable Enova Systems to showcase its design and development expertise in electric motor controls, energy management, dc/dc power conversion and high-voltage safety systems. The parallel-hybrid drive system will consist of an electric motor, internal combustion engine and a continuously variable transmission working in concert to supply primary propulsion power.

The electric motor, battery and controller will be utilized during heavy acceleration when high-torque demands exceed the capability of the internal-combustion engine, enabling optimal low-torque highway and cruise driving.

"We believe the award of this contract by Hyundai provides recognition of the technical excellence of our engineering team," said Carl D. Perry, president and CEO of Enova Systems. "Our ongoing partnership with Hyundai Motor, which we are very proud of, continues to enhance our company's ability to expand our product base for potential customers not only in the US but throughout the world. The development of this hybrid system should allow our company to penetrate emerging global markets for hybrid vehicles."