EnerSys and AccelRate Pen European License

February 09, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

EnerSys and AccelRate Power Systems have entered into an agreement designed to introduce "high-speed" battery charging in Europe. Under the terms of the agreement, Hawker Motive Power has purchased from AccelRate a license to integrate the AccelRate™ high-speed charging technology into their advanced line of high frequency insulated gated bipolar transistor (IGBT) battery chargers. The new "High-Speed" Hawker chargers will be marketed to the industrial truck motive power industry throughout Europe.

Hawker Motive Power's decision to formalize the agreement follows the successful introduction, several months ago, of the Hawker LifeSpeed™ 3000 battery charger in North America, and it's recent unveiling to global customers at CeMAT 2005, an industrial fair in Hannover, Germany. The LifeSpeed™ 3000, powered by AccelRate™ technology, is presently manufactured and distributed by Hawker in North America.

"AccelRate's patented technology has the unique ability to deliver "High-Speed" battery charging without the negative impact to the battery usually associated with rapid charging. We are enthusiastic about our working relationship with AccelRate and applying our integrated technologies to the motive power market in Europe," said Holger Aschke, Director of System Sales & Global Marketing for Hawker Motive Power. "Hawker's High-Speed battery charger, incorporating AccelRate technology, offers numerous benefits to industrial users including reduced capital and operational costs."

"We are delighted to have entered into this new agreement with EnerSys' Hawker Motive Power," said Reimar Koch, President and Chief Executive Officer of AccelRate Power Systems. "As we add this new agreement to the one previously entered into in April 2005 with Hawker in North America, we are continuing to enlarge the size of our prospective customer base and provide the industry with innovative and much needed products."

"By combining AccelRate's "High-Speed" charging technology with Hawker Motive Power's high frequency IGBT proven design, we are giving customers what they have told us they wanted - High-Speed, high-performing battery charging products that can maximize the life of their battery inventory and save further capital, operational and energy costs. We look forward to broadening the market for our advanced "High-Speed" battery charger products for the materials handling industry," Koch concluded.